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Yellow poplar 2Com 4/4"

Yellow poplar 2Com 4/4"


Thickness: 4/4 Inch

Width: 3 Inch and wider

Length: 7 foot and longer

KD 10%

Price: CFR Main port

Origin: Appelachian USA

Measurement: NHLA, nett tally


  • Description

    2Com Yellow poplar is a perfect product to apply in frames of furniture, window blinds. The 2Com grade will yield at least 50% of sound cuttings with a minimum size of 3"x2'


    Delivery time: +- 8 weeks after order


    Contact us to get a specific quote for your required volumes and delivery time.


    Price is an indications as they can sligthly differ due to freight charges or market conditions. No rights can be derived from these indications.

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