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FSC 100% Acacia door frames

FSC 100% Acacia door frames


FSC 100% 

Model: Opdek/Stomp

Size: 56x90/56/115mm

Length: 2315mm

Fingerjoint laminated Acacia hardwood

finishing: 2 layer UV lacquer

Packaging: Sealed in foil + leaflet


  • Description

    We claim to have one of the highest grade doorframes available. The raw materials used are from FSC plantations in Vietnam and the finishing is done with the most modern equipments. We are one of the few (or only one) to offer UV lacquered finishing and therby improving the resistance to scratches and other damages.

    Shipment time: +- 4 weeks after order


    Contact us to get a specific quote for your required volumes and delivery time

    Price is an indications as they can sligthly differ due to freight charges or market conditions. No rights can be derived from these indications.

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